Ex-boyfriend to Husband [[Nalu FanFiction]] #TheWattys2019

Ex-boyfriend to Husband [[Nalu FanFiction]] #TheWattys2019

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"What did you do? What the fuck are you doing here in my room?" I hissed and I was about to bite his hand when all of a sudden he makes a move and on the next second I'm lying underneath him. "Let me go, you jerk." I hissed.

"C' mon Lucy! I should be the one who's asking you? what are you doing here in my room?" he asked me with those impish smile that he had. I tried to buck him off but he just smiles on me. "Don't do that, Lucy. You won't like what will happen next if you wake up my little Natsu--"

"Damn you."

"Come on, let's talk like two civilized people. What are you doing in my bedroom? Did you drunk me then you rape me? Lucy if you want me to do that with you. I'll be glad to do it with my own free will."

His bedroom? That's why this room is not familiar with me. "I didn't. Why would I need to do that? Maybe this is some kind of frank." I hissed. I shifted underneath him and I can see his eyes darken with pure want. He swallowed before smiling at me. I mentally roll my eyes on him, if there's a number-one-maniac award in this world. I really nominate this stupid Frog.

"Lucy, I won't do something like that no matter how much I want you. I respect you."

"You know nothing about respect---" my voice trail off when I saw our fingers. I know my face turn into pale and Natsu frowned when he saw my reaction. His eyes went to our fingers...

Maybe... maybe this is just a game. Maybe our friends are having a frank... my mouth instantly dry and I breathe through my mouth. Our fingers there's



A ring.
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