Beauty and the Badboy

Beauty and the Badboy

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Olivia Harrt By WritingPrincesss Updated May 04, 2017

He steps closer, pressing his body against mine. I push at his chest but he doesn't seem to notice, or, if he has, doesn't care. "What do you want?" I manage to whimper out.

"You know what I want." He says undressing me with his eyes. "I want you."

"St-st-stay away from m-m-me." I stutter out.

"Idon't think you want me to." He replies a smug expression dancing on his face, as he nibbles on my earlobe. "I am the only one who can set your body on fire like this" licking down the side of my neck and sucking where my neck finishes.

And deep down I didn't want him to stop

Belle Anderson is gorgeous, she is what every girl is jealous of. Her blonde hair ,stunning green eyes and a killer body.

Hunter Valentino is handsome. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes But Hunter is a bad boy. He is the mafia king's son. He is a player. He always gets what he wants. and innocent Belle comes along. And Hunter wants her and won't stop until he has her.

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Emmaaaa55 Emmaaaa55 Aug 05, 2017
Yay!! Finally a blonde girl & green eyes. I always read about girls with brown hair & eyes🤔
Morghan_0140 Morghan_0140 Dec 04, 2017
Dude that isn’t a house................. it’s a um.......... GREEK (shít where am I headed with this) GOD WORSHIP PLACE THING!!! Yeahhhhhh! (Good save)
Peanutbutter_and Peanutbutter_and Nov 27, 2014
I'm ready for chapter 3456789 and so on whenever you areeee please updateeee
haileynicole143 haileynicole143 Nov 10, 2014
Carry one and see where it goes. I'm sure it will be really amazing if you continue!!!