[ON HOLD] The Three Kingdoms Of Hashim

[ON HOLD] The Three Kingdoms Of Hashim

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Jasmin A. 🌼 By writer_muslimah Updated Mar 12

Once upon a time, in the distant land of Buhayrat Al Kunz, lived a just ruler by the name of Hashim. It was a name given to him by his subjects, for he was the "crusher" of boundaries. The large nation had been threatened several times by great kingdoms, but Hashim had been victorious every time. He had brought peace, security and tranquillity into his sovereignty without fail. However, people began to grow curious when many summers passed, and the king remained young. It seemed to them that he hadn't aged in fifty years. It was then rumoured that his victories were supported on a secret... something called Baytul Samaa' - House of Sky. Countless young warriors had searched the lands for such a thing, but no one had found it. It remained a mystery.

As the decades passed, Buhayrat Al Kunz sheltered three major dominions. And it so happened that Hashim had three sons. When the time had come for him to depart, he assigned the three kingdoms to his three sons, knowing that his noble sons would soon occupy his throne. When Hashim died, the three sons journeyed to their respective kingdoms, vowing to go good. But it only takes a few cracks for the mountains to crumble, it only takes a few drops to create a flood and it only takes a petty brawl to ignite a war... and when one of the brothers chooses Dunya over Deen, fighting him for the greater good looks like the only option left.

An adventure / spiritual / romance... The Three Kingdoms Of Hashim!

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