Sweet As Sugar (BxB)

Sweet As Sugar (BxB)

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Zach is your typical nerd.
loves to read, loves to draw, loves to bake and decorate cakes in his family bakery.
and of course, gay.

Brian is your typical bully.
mean, heartless, captain of the football team.

but then Brian is about to turn 18.
his mother insists to order him a special cake for his big party. 
"You only turn 18 once!"
"You only turn each age once, mom."
but there's nothing to complain about.
when Rosa wants something, she gets it.

what will happen when Rosa will drag her son to the "Peach Perfect" bakery?
what will happen when Brian notice Zach, at the back of the store?

"Zach? do you.. do you work here!?" Brian smirks, as he found out a new embarrassing secret about his beloved nerd,

"who's that, Zach?" Zach's mother asks, surprisingly.

"J-just a friend... from school"

"A friend? well, I guess that since he's your friend, we can make a special price for him!" she smiles. she rarely sees a friend of her son.

what will happen when Zach will deliver the cake to the party?

maybe Brian isn't as bad as Zach thinks?
maybe Brian isn't straight as he thinks?

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