Thin Bones

Thin Bones

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FelicityMavis By FelicityMavis Updated 13 hours ago

Gaige Carson was already a struggling boy. Then his mother moves him in with his distant father and his new -better than life- family. Gaige can't escape the harsh judgmental looks, only making his mental cuts worse. 

Gaige has one unfortunate thing keeping him sane; His insanity. And when a mistake in his careful hiding is made, Gaige is caught. But not questioned. He doesn't like it. He doesn't like being able to tear himself down, because someone is too scared to say something. So Gaige turns a camera and scholarship prize on himself and his awful habits. For a reason, even himself and no one else can quite understand.

 Gaige thinks he can handle his new world, no role. But thin bones are brittle. And break easily.

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