Say My Name [ Teacher-Student Romance -- Robert Downey Jr ]

Say My Name [ Teacher-Student Romance -- Robert Downey Jr ]

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He was her mothers coworker. Then he was her superior. He was a friend when there were none. He was a comforting ear, a shoulder to lean on when all she saw was the terrors of assault. And over slow time, as natural as anything, she was his rock, too.

Both brandishing troubling issues thanks to their dark pasts, each with perceptive personalities, and far too many secrets that refuse to fade; they go from being strangers, to friends, to... something undefinable.

Living conflicted by their feelings, lonely for a supportive companion, and constantly misdefining themselves by the trauma that's happened to them; lines begin to blur and they seem to be getting closer and more reliant on the other.

With the question of morality remaining, will they give into each others temptations, or bury it deep away from the dirty looks of society? To lie or love, deny or try, or survive at all?

(Warning:This book strives for realism; includes PTSD, VIOLENCE, & other dramatic plots.)

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ILikeKittens1103 ILikeKittens1103 May 17, 2016
Eh no. My parents would kill me if I dated ANYONE before I graduate
chadwickslaugh chadwickslaugh Aug 30, 2016
I love this book. It's written crazy well and the story is really nice. You are a great writer
thatMichelle thatMichelle Jan 25, 2017
BOUTTA REREAD THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY!!!!!! Too excite rn, omg 😁😁😁😁
totally_pengwing totally_pengwing Apr 07, 2016
I swear, if you make Molly die or something I'm gonna find you 😠
Unforgettable_fire Unforgettable_fire Sep 27, 2016
Wow! You are a great writer without any doubt!!! I am really excited about reading this story, it seems so awesome from the very beginning!!!
DoloresConnolly DoloresConnolly Oct 10, 2015
Phantom reference... "Little Lottie, let her mind wander. Little Lottie thought am I fonder of dolls, or of goblins, of shoes, or of riddles, or frocks..." Sorry! Can't help it