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The Soul Mate's Curse

The Soul Mate's Curse

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Choppy By Choppy Completed

Justin is cursed. Hug the girl he likes and he goes paralyzed. Kiss? He faints. Sex? He and his partner lives forever, never aging. He swore never to curse anyone. But then his uncle comes saying he'll help him break it. [One-Act Play]

Choppy Choppy Apr 04, 2011
@rochmysocks Thanks for the comment! And yes, Jaime and Justin are childhood friends. :) 
                              I'll see what i could do with the dialogue....for a play, stiff dialogue is not good. So thanks for letting me know. :)
Choppy Choppy Mar 31, 2011
@JMason0206 you were a stage management major? That's amazing! It's such an honor...I'm really glad you liked this. :) Thanks so much for the vote, read, and comment!
JMason0206 JMason0206 Mar 31, 2011
This is great! I was a stage management major in college - this is one show that I would love to see live!   Its not easy writing a play!  I love it!  This is great - can't wait to read the rest when I have a few more moments of time!  lol 
Choppy Choppy Mar 21, 2011
@AAGirl101 thanks for the comment! Sorry about the jumping of names...i was using this play to help me figure out the whole "how to format and upload" thing, since I'm new to WP. But I'm glad you liked it. :)
writing_dreamer writing_dreamer Mar 20, 2011
lol, u did it as an play. Never read one on this site before. You're the first. Good job keeping up with the different characters
Choppy Choppy Mar 17, 2011
@greenwriter lol...because of the cover? haha. anything you think i should fix, work thought was confusing?  That way I could look back and work on it. I'm sorta new to play writing, but i figured play writing would help me work on dialogues so.. :)