(Len x Miku) Bully no more (sequel to Bully to boyfriend)

(Len x Miku) Bully no more (sequel to Bully to boyfriend)

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maryamabubkar By maryamabubkar Updated Jul 08

It's been five years since the tragic break up between Len and Miku.
       Miku is now a famous Japanese pop star and Len has taken over the company after the death of his father.
        Miku returns to Japan after five years to find that Len is already engaged to Neru Akita. When their paths cross, they try to deny the attraction that still exists between them. Except he denies it to protect her, and she's denies it to ruin him. 
      Will they be able to give into their feelings and finally be together or will new and old enemies try to keep them apart?


"isn't it funny how the tables have turned?" i said reaching for a fork.

"what do you mean by that?" he said watching me closely as I walked towards the burner turning it on. "five years ago, I was the one pressed against the counter and you holding the red hot fork...." I placed the fork in the fire as it turned red hot.

"..... and now five years later, we switched roles"  I smirked, walking slowly towards him as his eyes widened in realization. 

" that's right Kagamine, your victim is now your bully ....."

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