Melody [Todoroki X Oc]

Melody [Todoroki X Oc]

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"Da...Daddy? Why did you do that to mummy"? "That's none of your business Brat..... all you have to worry about is how fast YOUR F*****G LEGS CAN RUN"!

Growing up with an abusive father Melody has been hurt, mentally and physically. Due to his behaviour the best way for her to deal with the outside world is to block everything out and follow her objective.... to become a hero, to stop the real villains that hide beneath a cosy sheltered home torturing their families because they have nothing better to do. The villains that never get caught because most of the 'Pro Hero's' only exist for fame and fortune not to help the people suffering the worse.

This is book is not suitable for younger audiences due to swearing, graphic scenes and triggers of abuse, rape, suicide and self harm.
I do not approve any of the dangerous actions in this book, it is only for story purposes.
I do not own My Hero academia or the cover of this book.
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