A New World: (Gate X Male Clone Reader X Star Wars X Monster Musume)

A New World: (Gate X Male Clone Reader X Star Wars X Monster Musume)

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Gate: And thus, The Grand Army of the Republic fought here. 

After the events of the battle of Geniosis, The Galaxy's tension is high as Separatists and the Republic probe each other to be the agrressors and start an all-out war. The Clone Army commissioned by Master Sifo Diyas was being deployed to Coruscant for inspection by the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. 

Suddenly, A ancient pre-modern structure suddenly appeared before the streets of Coruscant. Then, Medieval soldiers and Mythical creatures that used to be told in stories came out and invaded the heartland of the Republic. 

It was known to be the Day of Coruscant's Long Knives Massacre.

Read more to find out and explore the wonders as one of the clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic. 

Again, I don't own Gate, Monster Musume or Star Wars. It belongs to their own respected owners and franchises.

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