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No Matter What.. (Lesbian Story)

No Matter What.. (Lesbian Story)

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Nia Rhodes By Soccer_9 Updated Aug 21, 2015

No Matter What.. Part 1

As everyone already knows everyone has their own stories. Neglectful childhoods, how someone came to be who they are, and just stories ranging every which way. Of course though you thought I forgot everyone's favorite, the love stories. You can't go to one person and them not have a story about love, whether it's the perfect love story with the blissful ending, the perfect love gone south, and of course the great tragedy with the fairytale ending. Just like the different types of stories with such variety, there's many types of love stories. I love those stories just as much as the next girl, but I feel a bit gypped because I don't think they always give you the real stuff a lot of times, a wise man once said "You cannot have great love without great tragedy" don't ask who said that or if it's exactly right because I don't know for sure. Anyways I'm here to tell you my great story of love. I don't know what category to put it under but you can decide when I fin...

Im imagining an ugly old witch with this name, ima just read her as abi.
Jitsuuko Jitsuuko Nov 26, 2016
Dusty, Mast, Lenore, Flemming, Clarice, Jaeger, Ebonie, Dowd, Yer,	Labbe, Vicenta, Settle, Obdulia, Mancuso, Natosha,	Gregg, Kaitlin, Adler, Magali, Hindman, Rucker, Jitsuuko, James, Cara, Abby
bore_reader bore_reader Jul 23, 2016
I like how this story is done. You've got the story and little notes from the character. That makes the story very personal
noviocelosolindo noviocelosolindo Jan 25, 2016
I thing che's da most beautifull i don't riley now hahahahahhhhahhhaha
Tamannie Tamannie Oct 20, 2015
But she made out with Natalie in front of everybody at the party, how come no one knows or nobody saw it?
DocumentTransit DocumentTransit Jul 26, 2015
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