Papa Tree

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Eva By EvaLau Updated 2 years ago
At the end of  Reynolds Street, this castle has been there for more than a hundred and fifty years.  It used to be the private residence of Nelson Gilbert Reynolds in 1859.  He was the sheriff of Ontario County.  Of course he spent a fortune at the time to build it.  It wouldn't otherwise be the largest private dwelling in Canada until Casa Loma was built in 1914.  Today, this castle is a private boarding girl school with students from all over the world.  Laughter are shared, some tears are secretly shed.   Who knows their sorrows, who knows their pain?  Who knows their dreams and who shares their love?   Perhaps the trees, the flowers, the squirrels, or maybe and the birds? For they overheard all conversations that are most private.  ****** This is a collection of inspirational Short Stories
I would love to see it as an illustrated book, please write more. It was gentle in it's own way. Very inspiring.
I sure am glad to have found a WattPad story that doesn't relate to vampires or One Direction haha xD
What a lovely short! I loved the last line in particular, so beautifully done! "One of a kind. That alone makes me worthy and beautiful." I love it! Very inspiring! And the Tree idea, very interesting!
I'm at a loss for words. So much beauty and wisdom packed into a neat little story. Envy and jealousy have always been difficult feelings to deal with, but you wrote about them with compassion and wise insight. Will you be writing more for the series?
One of the nicest story I've read in a while. There should be Wattpad for Kids and this story should be in it. I'm sure everyone can relate to this  :))