Locked Away | Open Novella Contest 2019

Locked Away | Open Novella Contest 2019

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Katherina Michels By Katherina_Michels Updated 5 days ago

Best friends Abigail Douglas and Myra Nguyen stumble upon a shop that wasn't there the day before, only to discover that it is a doorway into another realm. Soon, they're swept up in an adventure to help Princess Isidora save her beloved from a witch who turns people into birds. But what can two middle school-aged girls do against the forces of evil, armed only with a mysterious handheld mirror and a vintage bracelet? And can they make it back to their realm, or will they end up locked away forever?


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Kaiddance Kaiddance 2 days ago
Sounds like my cousins. When my uncle died, everyone was giving away his stuff, especially to my cousins (not his kids) and they most likely threw everything away anyway.
JackINTJ JackINTJ 3 days ago
Omg! That chapter ending was so goooood. I love a good chapter ending.
HM_Braverman HM_Braverman 3 days ago
This is a great opening chapter. I love how you describe all the little details of the shop. Definitely sounds like every antique shop I’ve ever been in. 
                              Your ending is a great push into the next chapter with that “we’ve been expecting you.”  Can’t wait to read more!
LightMyDarkness LightMyDarkness 5 days ago
I love how your've really paid attention to detail. It makes all the difference in a story and yours is a fine example of it. Love it so far!
JamarStRogers JamarStRogers 6 days ago
I love how you’ve included this bit of backstory. It doesn’t feel forced.
Olivaughn Olivaughn 2 days ago
I LOVE THAT LINE - "wove its way sleepily through town" is terrific.