A Different Kind of Bride (Diabolik Lovers)

A Different Kind of Bride (Diabolik Lovers)

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IceCrystalPrincess By IceCrystalPrincess Completed

Ayumi Komori is also an adopted child of the Church Yui Komori was staying before. They shared lots of memories together until one fateful day Yui left..It is not their heart's desire to be away from each other. Right now in search for Yui, little did Ayumi know , her bestfriend is now living with....... 


"Vampires..The one who creeps at night..who will suck your blood until nothing is left..who can leave you lifeless..."

"i'm scared...please find me.."-Ayumi Komori

Kai_shino Kai_shino Jun 08
As a atheist this is hard to read but I support all religions and believe people have the right to prey and everything. It's still hard though.
...as expected atheis are growing... Hard to see when I'm a devoted christian. ;-;
FicAyuni FicAyuni May 14
Ohh~ I'm getting interested in this book for if the letter m in Ayumi change to n, becoming Ayuni which is my name! 💜💜 Rare coming across something like this
I live in the country that believes in God. But I go with logic 'where the hell is god when nothing good ever happened in my life...'
Panda_chan100 Panda_chan100 Dec 03, 2016
Im kind OF cringing when it comes to the god part me being an Athiest and everything
HopeAndHarmony HopeAndHarmony Apr 19, 2016
I thought it said: I walked out of the car and blowed my driver. 
                              I was like: damn girl calm down ^-^