Find my voice <Pokemon fanfic>

Find my voice <Pokemon fanfic>

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The one and only By shinymewgirl Completed

A new world full of old things in how fourteen year old Paige sees the world and after seven long years locked away from it, she jumps at her first chance to once more be free. 

However, Paige is mute, never being able to utter a single word her entire life and this makes traveling much harder but she is soon offered help by fourteen year old Jake and his younger sister Milly who is twelve. Together the three journey across Unova but as they travel further across the region, they discover, the truth to Paige's past leaving one question very prominent,

Will they stick by Paige or turn her away to face to wrath of her capturers once more? 

Find out in Paige's first epic adventure in 'Find my voice,


I don't own Pokemon but I own my OCs and plot.

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EeveelutionBrandi EeveelutionBrandi Jul 18, 2017
Im liking this already! (Sorry if I'm just now getting to your stories SMG. I deeply apologize for not giving you the support you rightfully deserve here on your stories, even if I was busy)
- - Jan 15, 2017
It feels like the opening to FMA, except it's the theory of human emotions.  Interesting
Solo_Wolf Solo_Wolf Jun 30, 2016
Umm, that was deep....And I am starting to question my whole existence. But it is good!
TheMonkeyMan101 TheMonkeyMan101 Sep 19, 2015
XD HAHAH I completely forgot this was Pokemon because this sounded so... Menacing. I read the first few words of the next chapter and realised it XD
EnderMoonstone EnderMoonstone Jun 29, 2015
Ok I don't want to be critical because this seems like a good book, but.. There's always this cliche where the trainer is mute and of course, they have telepathy because reasons.
Creole2012 Creole2012 Jul 18, 2014
Kinda like how Emma is currently running from Team Plasma but a little different situation?