You Always Belonged To Me (BoyxBoy)

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(This book contains sexual contents) 
    William met Sage at a party and even though he knew he was straight he still felt an attraction towards Sage. Sage is scared of relationships and commitment because he's doesn't want to be hurt anymore. William doesn't want a relationship because he just can't bother with them. The two couldn't ignore the attraction and lust between them so they did the only obvious thing they could do, became friends with benefits. They've been this way for a long time and everything was hunky dory then Sage met someone. Sage started dating this guy, ending what ever relationship he had with Will. So what happens when their friendship gets difficult to keep and in a heated argument "straight" Will confesses to being in love with Sage.
Oh so you want him for youself but don't have he guts to make it so.....
Aww look at the little baby get all jealous. You love him honey and that's why you don't wanna let him go.
@Kandyapple   Wow!  This chapter was perfect from the first word to the last!!  And the way it started out, I just can't find the words to say how amazing this is.  The beginning, with Liam narrating, was just so new and refreshing to read.  WOW!
Yes! :) he had act as Jesse in Hannah Montana, he was Miley's  boyfriend
i wanna see what sage thinks. yeah!!! this is awsome btw! >_<  ~_~ 
I tought he would be a bitch about it but he's so loving and caring and he loves him soo much omg *heart eyes emoji*