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Lauren/You - My Guardian Angel

Lauren/You - My Guardian Angel

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KatyJauregui By KatyJauregui Completed


Fifth Harmony are an amazingly famous girl band but sometimes the pressure they get is too overwhelming and they end up doing something stupid. That's what happens one night when paparazzis are too pushy. Because of their acts, their manager decides that it is for the best if they retire for a year in order to let things go back to normal. So he sends you in a little French town where the few harmonizers who are there have signed a contract preventing them from letting other people know who they are.They have to go back to school for a year. As they get there, they realize that the confidence they got vanished as their fame did too. They get bullied by the school bitches. But one day when Lauren is attacked, You get up and stand up for her deciding that from now on, you would be her guardian angel.

I take with me a knife everywhere, no joke,
                              That bitch would be brochette before she says I-
I'm Patrick 
                              I'm Jeff
                              I'm Javert, Do not forget my name
                              Bond, James Bond
                              Jason Bourne
                              I'm your death
                              I'm the dark lord
                              I'm you father
                              I am the one-
                              I'm the savior
                              I'm the chosen one
                              I'm Katniss Everdeen
                              My name is Peppa
                              Hi! My name is Mickey!
                              Mike Wasawski!
* records for when im older and have a last dying wish i can say * " show me dem fif' harpoon bitches fightin' 'gin. "
Knowing me and harmonizers we would never ever leave them no matter what! We would actually  eat the paps with them and if Dinah Jane throws a punch we will cheer! So don't bring that losing fans shït here and give a valid reason
thugbello thugbello Mar 26
When everyone is watching from a distance and there I am, riding a unicorn watching the fight
SuperiorNemesis SuperiorNemesis Dec 31, 2016
guys please try read similar to this story 
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