The Many Adventures of the Avengers and Friends

The Many Adventures of the Avengers and Friends

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TheAsgardianJedi By TheStarWarsFangirl77 Updated Nov 20

The Avengers are already a crazy bunch. You've got spies, geniuses, assassins, super soldiers, beings with unusual powers, and literal gods. What happens when a whole bunch of crazy new characters enter the bunch? Some faces some of the Avengers have known for years prior to their superhero days, others they picked up off of the street or saved from HYDRA's bases. What's the worst that could happen?

An AU if the Battle of New York had ended a little differently, where both of the Maximoff twins were saved by the Avengers without the interference of Ultron, and where Thanos never went off to find the Infinity Stones. 

You get happiness, you get happiness, and YOU get happiness!

All of these extra characters are OCs of me and some of my friends in real life. Those belong to me. All other characters and concepts belong to Marvel Studios. All media used belongs to their original owners unless specified otherwise.