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Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven

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Aleecha Rae Veena By techniicolor Updated Oct 01, 2011

Welcome to a world you never would have dreamt of.

In the year 5025, Angel's ruled the world with their advanced technology, and massive armies. Their only threat in the world against them are the Humans. As the genocide started to occur, the Demons stepped in to defend what was left of the Humans, now a raging war has broke out between the Demons and Angels. A unique species called Hybrids emerged to the surface, siding with the Demons in efforts to help them win, but the Demons think of them as powerless and not very useful. Then there are the Rebel Angels, a secret society located underground who wants to Angels to fall, but they aren't trusted and live in disease and filth, as much as they try to help the Demons, they barely break through. When the Demon King falls, all hope seems lost, the kingdom begins to crumble and the Angels think they have won, but little do they know that they are wrong, very, very wrong.

- - Oct 02, 2011
Really interesting. I think I've read both of yours before though. Still great work.
silentxrequiem silentxrequiem Oct 01, 2011
I reall like this :D It's good. But a few things...
                              Second paragraph: "However, their soul's..." It should be "However, their souls..." 
                              Also, you switched tenses a couple of times. 
                              Other than that, you write really well. And your description is insane.
-YourAngel- -YourAngel- Jul 08, 2011
Oh my gosh, this was awesome!
                              I absolutely love that the demons are the good guys; at least it's something different and unique. Great job with this story!
techniicolor techniicolor Jun 29, 2011
@Kiedaedollface  :DD <333 YAY! Thank you so mcuh! I hope you enjoy the next chapter. ;D
tabidesu tabidesu Jun 29, 2011
Great description and I love the world you've created!! Very clear writing as well.  Good job!
- - Jun 26, 2011
Sorry it took me so long to get to this.  You have awesome descriptions and this is a very nice start; good job :D