Memories Stirred - Book One of the Advent Rebellion

Memories Stirred - Book One of the Advent Rebellion

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Legends say the Advents just appeared, perched over Earth gazing down in perpetual judgment. Six powerful ruptures in space that should have solved Humanity’s problems through their access to a limitless energy supply.

Two galaxy spanning wars later people have turned towards the rigidity, structure and safety offered by the Five Corporations, each one bound to it’s responsibilities for society by the Legislature Exemplars. Humanity has finally won a hard fought peace.

Everyone is born into a life as dictated by the needs of all. Careers are defined for them, they are trained for them, they work towards their ultimate potential as judged for them, and they all serve willingly.

Almost all of them anyway.

Thrain Attandee has always wanted to know more than is good for him. More than is accepted as good for society in general. After pushing the authorities too far one last time, he disappears and discovers that sometimes you should be careful what you wish for.

Meanwhile Morgan, a career orientated associate on the fast track to make Executive, has her own life turned upside down as she reluctantly joins the hunt for Thrain. Working with the frustrating Mr Jones who seems thrown out of time, she will be forced to face the price humanity has had to pay for peace. 


This is an ongoing sci fi serial which I'll be adding a new chapter to each week (every Sunday).

Book One is looking like 38-40k words, probably around 16-18 chapters. I would love to hear what you think about the story - whether it be feedback, questions or even suggestions.

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