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A New Life In Another World

A New Life In Another World

71.2K Reads 5K Votes 74 Part Story
acpro123 By acpro123 Updated 6 days ago

Damien didn't feel like he belonged in his world and wanted to live in another world. One day, he got his wish by a goddess named Zerris. She was known as the Goddess of Darkness and she was willing to give Damien a second chance. Now, Damien is in a new world with powers thanks to Zerris, but thanks to this, trouble was going to be a regular thing for him now. What will Damien do in his new life in another world?

  • action
  • adventure
  • demons
  • fantasy
  • goblins
  • gods
  • isekai
  • magic
  • monsters
  • opmc
  • vampire