The Kings Mate -Werewolf King #1-

The Kings Mate -Werewolf King #1-

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Harlie By HarlieStyles Completed

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Lottie's never had a place to call home. Jumping at the slightest of noises and running from society is all she's know for the past four years, and cowering from the people she deemed untrustworthy before that.

What happens when she meets someone who has a voice that makes her feel welcome and has a touch which she can finally call home.

What happens when that person happens to be the most handsome man she's ever set eyes on. What happens when that gorgeous accent rules a foreign country.

What happens when she finds out that he is a werewolf King and she is his mate. His queen. 


The world would be a better place if more people were like this
Interesting :) looking forward to reading more :) Oh I just noticed a spelling mistake in the beginning, barley should be barely :)
I wonder if I I've read this... I mean it's a werewolf book so most likely
I wouldn't exactly cal that short but whatever paddles your kayak
a pack of some dogs? girl you have no idea how right you are!
kookoo2173 kookoo2173 Feb 01
The nicest writer ever yo some of them be like if you don't like my book don't read it smh