The Kings Mate -Werewolf King #1-

The Kings Mate -Werewolf King #1-

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Harlie By HarlieStyles Completed

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Lottie's never had a place to call home. Jumping at the slightest of noises and running from society is all she's know for the past four years, and cowering from the people she deemed untrustworthy before that.

What happens when she meets someone who has a voice that makes her feel welcome and has a touch which she can finally call home.

What happens when that person happens to be the most handsome man she's ever set eyes on. What happens when that gorgeous accent rules a foreign country.

What happens when she finds out that he is a werewolf King and she is his mate. His queen. 


  • alpha
  • baby
  • claim
  • human
  • king
  • love
  • luna
  • mark
  • mate
  • mates
  • pup
  • pups
  • queen
  • rouge
  • rouges
  • royal
  • royals
  • royalty
  • werewolf
  • werewolves
WazUpImAlex WazUpImAlex Nov 19, 2017
We all know where her name came from, I mean just look at the author's username
AdriLAAxo AdriLAAxo Mar 11
Dude, FR. Ur story is really good so far! Keep at it! Lmao I’m probably gonna end up finishing this in a few hours 😂
Alfirineth Alfirineth 2 days ago
Uneven jawline...? Tan skin...?
                              Best friends with Stiles Stilinski...?🙄😏
BabyGurlRG BabyGurlRG Feb 12
I comment to much but yk what ION GIVE A FUDGE CAKE!
                              THAT'S SO KIND!!❤😍
lottiemorgan lottiemorgan Dec 27, 2017
Me but I’ve never crullt seen the name in books it kinda excites me
readriteall readriteall Jan 21
As it sped up not as it speed up. Otherwise just-I could feel it speed up.