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"You have been lying to me for 10 years. Everything I knew about you was a lie. How can you expect me to listen to anything you have to say? I will never know if anything else that comes out of your mouth is a lie or not." Naima cried out.

Tawfiq had nothing to say to justify his mistake but he just wanted to explain everything to her. To make her understand him and why he did what he did.

There was only one thing left to do. If she wouldn't listen to him then he would have to give her the one thing that would explain everything on it's own.

"I'm tired. I just want everything to stop....I want you to be here... With me." Naima said over the phone.

"You know it's impossible.. For now. For your safety and mine just have faith. Okay? We will see each other soon." The person on the other side replied.

"But... But.." Naima tried to explain but was cut off.

"I love you, Naima but I have to go. Bye." The line went dead.


After ten years, Tawfi"q's biggest secret has been revealed. A battle for forgiveness and a firm stand with his decision. His mother won't rest till she gets her way. Naima might never forgive him again. The twist and turns in one's life.... More secrets are kept in the dark. 
 Past lovers and relationships you never thought were possible. Heartbreak and drama..... The sorrow.. 
and happiness. The deaths.
All just because of the unbreakable bond between two different people.

Will Naima and Tawfiq return back to normal, will their life ever be simple with all the secrets? What secret is Naima hiding? What makes her secret different from Tawfiq's?

Even after all the secrets are EXPOSED... some will still remain HIDDEN.

A novel that will break your heart into two, cry and smile at once.

This is the story of Tawfiq and Naima. The battle for a stand.l

[This can't be read as a stand loi alone.zo8zzz Hidden must be read first]

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