Monster of Remnant(*ON HOLD*)

Monster of Remnant(*ON HOLD*)

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Stephen Khytze Madula By stephen_madula Updated 5 days ago

Hello guys, first story so....don't hate
Also, its Abused Male Reader X RWBY


That's the things i felt in this house, the name's Y/N "Rose", but you know what happened to me? For the past 5 years in that house, i finally decided to run away from that house, then i met my savior who changed my life forever....

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You belong to yourself
Story and Plot belongs to da stoopid author

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It's okay... You didn't hurt me, after all... And yes, someone WILL love me... and that someone is YOU, mi lad...
                               - Unknown Lover
OpNarrator OpNarrator Jan 06
Hate is connected to rage.... i think... but no one cares about that right?