Dark moonlight (book 2)

Dark moonlight (book 2)

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Blackrose By BlackThornedRose717 Updated Jul 04, 2015

I ran farther into the woods . Dodging leaves and jumping over logs. OK, so Eric cheated on me, I'm pregnant with his baby, and my old pack wants me dead. I'm also a rogue again..This isn't that bad I guess, its not like I'm I'm in danger or anything, I can protect myself . Slowing down to a walk, Controlling my breathing, I reminded myself that I shouldn't be running, I'm not in danger right now. 

I heard a snap and stopped walking, OK maybe I am now. My heart stopped, it was only the two of us now. The unknown person stepped forward, all I saw was his messy red hair, wait..

Oh shit.


This is book 2 of my story,"The lone wolf",That MEANS that you will not understand a THING in this book unless you read the first one. 

So yeah,Read the first one first. OK, I'm a confusing person.So yeah I just got back, so I will try to update more,there's a lot of pressure now, so please bear with me. 

I hope you all like the new book :)

  • action
  • betrayal
  • drama
  • mates
  • teen-romance
waitwhatjusthappen waitwhatjusthappen Jul 09, 2014
I read the first book and it wad awesome how can he cheat on her it wad perfect I just cant wait for the update
BlackThornedRose717 BlackThornedRose717 Jul 04, 2014
@truthrocker thank you for sticking with me through my books, i love how you have so many ideas. Very creative :) 
                              Thank you, really. Ill update soon 
BlackThornedRose717 BlackThornedRose717 Jul 04, 2014
@Humming_angel12  Thanks for sticking with my books. I appreciate you. I'll update soon!!
sweettongue sweettongue Jul 04, 2014
I love this already! And it all started at the book 1. I hope you update soon! And more! :)
BlackThornedRose717 BlackThornedRose717 Jul 03, 2014
@truthrocker i like the idea and the Name willow speaks out to me. i like it thx
BlackThornedRose717 BlackThornedRose717 Jul 03, 2014
Lol guys i decided to change it... there is going to be something different.. i know i am a confusing person.   sorry.