Fate calls heiress Sabrina Windham to her grandmother’s hospital bed where she hears a confession of betrayal and death. Sabrina learns of another, heartbreaking family legacy: the Zephyrus. Built by Don Windham and Derek West, the classic sailboat is lost to time.
    Is Destiny leading her on a twisted path? Her search for the original boat takes her to Rhode Island and into the arms of Jay West, the embittered grandson of her grandfather’s partner. Will Jay help restore the Zephyrus and, in doing so, restore his family’s honor? Can Sabrina help Jay forget his brutal life, a poor orphan because of Rose Windham’s selfish desires?
    Despite their undeniable attraction and Sabrina’s belief in fate, Jay thinks its misfortune knocking on his door.
    West Wind is the third novel in the Return to Eaton: When Love Speaks contemporary romance series. 
    Here’s a review:
    5 out of 5 stars Distracted, East of Eaton and West Wind: The Trilogy 
    “Distracted, East of Eaton and West Wind are filled with independent, strong, wonderful women. This series shows women the way they should be. Able to cope and function on their own, but increased when they add the right man to their life. Doing their job and raising their family the way everyone should, when these men happen into their world. Love comes without them realizing it but with all the bells and whistles.
    "I very highly recommend this series to everyone!! It's romantic, sweet, funny and will cause butterflies in your stomach. This is romance the way it should be written. Not about some woman who can't live life without a man, but a strong woman made stronger when you add the man she loves. It's a terrific series that I've read 3 times already. You will enjoy this and end with a smile."
    ~ Kissablysweetone
I downloaded West Wind and am so very thankful that it was free. I left a review. I surely enjoyed it so very much!!!! :) :D <3
I feel as though I've found a gem amongst the very ordinary on this site. Thank you so much.
I just download the book and I interested and I want read it
I read your books its good. I hope you can post the eaton series here in wattpad.
Another strong star, but I should have known what to expect after reading distracted. On this website you kiss a lot of frogs but very now and then it is nice to find a prince. I just know this book is going to be a really handsome prince already!
Lady, you sure can spin a beautiful yarn without the filler chapters others do. I am enamored of your stories, brilliant writing expertise and imagination.