Sword and Shield (GxG)

Sword and Shield (GxG)

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Kira Greer By ZephyrHeart Updated Feb 28, 2015

Evangaline is the princess of a medieval kingdom, where dragons roam, wars are constant, love is forced, and homosexuality is an act of the devil. Of course the princess is supposed to be the angel of society, so when she meets Rikhata she is instantly put on edge. So what happens when the devil-girl's past becomes known and she is exposed in all the heartache and bitterness she's survived? And when Evangaline starts to understand her feelings towards the girl who worships the devil's deeds? War will come, blood will spill, life will be taken and the past will be revealed.

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Micnik8 Micnik8 Jul 02, 2017
Good lord she just has everything figured out at 14 already doesn't she?
LizzyChan666 LizzyChan666 Sep 24, 2017
Does this mean I should've met the love of my life a year ago
SteampunkLatte SteampunkLatte Dec 29, 2017
And can you tell me HOW exactly r u going to fall IN love v the suitor chosen for u in one night, hmm?
Apoy_Lobo Apoy_Lobo Apr 26, 2017
I don't like looking at white things when the sun is out because I go blind
keepdre4ming keepdre4ming Jun 04, 2016
Someone like you shouldn't discriminate the LGBTQ+ community!!!
SeyfriedLover87 SeyfriedLover87 Nov 13, 2016
Interesting start :) I don't have much time these days to keep up with my reading unfortunately so it's nice to take a few moments to indulge lol u have a unique talent, looking forward to reading more ☺️