Stolen Hearts (2012 Best Adult Perspective Finalist)

33 Part Story 1.4M Reads 33.5K Votes
Katherine A. Ganzel By KatherineArlene Completed
A young man wakes up to find he’s been kidnapped and being held a prisoner.  He’s told he won’t be harmed and he’ll be returned home soon, but can he believe them?  Now he has to figure out how to survive while he shares his prison with one of the kidnappers, a mysterious girl who watches over him.   
    Stolen Hearts was a Best Adult Perspective finalist in the 2012 Watty's!
    Book 1 in the Stolen Hearts Trilogy
    Book 2 - Love You Forever (Watty's 2013 Finalist)
    Book 3 - The Most Precious of All (A Christmas Story)
    Check out the trailer in the introduction!   
    WARNING!  This is a mature story that is intended for adult readers only.  It covers mature themes in a realistic way and includes strong language throughout.  There is violence, sex and implied sexual violence.  Please don't read this if you are under the age of 18, or find such things disturbing!  Thank you
Lol I accidentally started t read the sequel and was like, WHAT HAPPENED. IM CONFUSED. but then I read the comments and was like, oh, it's the sequel.
Wow with lots of 'fame' or say 'lots of readers'(<—this one's more appropriate)  comes lots of responsibility!
So glad this is not one of these stories where your finish reading the first chapter and you're like " well that escalated quickly ..." I mean I love fanfic and all but for what I've read of it, your story is on another level, really  deep and accomplished !
I first read your "How to get reads, votes and comments" you seem really nice and I therefore I checked out your stories. I hope you do too with mine, especially my "Childhood Crush" but haha i don't want to come out as pushy. Anyhow, congrats for the watty's award! You deserved it.
i haven't even started reading it yet and i already love it!!!!!
Absolutely loved Boy in the Woods! Aren't you doing a prequel? Seems like you said that, please.....