Unrequited Love: (Say "I love you!")

Unrequited Love: (Say "I love you!")

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LevonPierce By LevonPierce Updated Feb 26

"One day you'll be mine!"
"That will be the day" I retort. "There's no way I'll fall for You!"
"I'll see you later Stella, And one day I know you'll say I love you!"
"What a bold declaration," I say under my breath. I begin laughing to myself as he walks away. Little did I know, our story was just beginning.


Aubrey Waters is a junior in high school. Typical jock. Popular with the ladies. Star quarterback. The works.  He's a force to be reckoned with. Though he's a preacher's boy, he's known to be a player. He's your typical bad boy who loves to party and he's doing everything he can to rebel against his father.

Stella Star is more than your average teenage girl. She's a strong independent woman with a mind of her own. Though she's never been in a relationship, she knows what she desires. Being known as the smart, good girl, she thinks she doesn't have a chance at love until a change in fate occurs.

This is a story of their love for each other through their journey as high school students. Loving each other through the worst, and standing by each other's side.

Side note: I have edited the story again from when I first posted(December 25, 2018) and I believe it's better than when I first wrote it, so I'll be publishing a chapter every Wednesday from December 25, 2019, onward. Thank you to everyone who has read my novel and supported me. 2020 is almost here and the best is yet to come!