Cocky Couple

Cocky Couple

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이수연 By Lee_Sungyeol_Sooyeon Updated a day ago

'Give respect and take respect' is the well known common phrase among people and also the same goes with Lee Sungyeol until he met her. She was a type of girl who had a unique saying as 'You show me attitude and you receive it two-fold. Or to be precise I'm Like A Mirror.' 
Lee Sungyeol is the CEO of the real estate company Lee Corps. He is popular in korea for his success at his young age, his handsome features and for being cocky/arrogant. Only a few people knew about him following his father's business as a Loan shark. He finds a huge sum unpaid by Park Jung Ho, a no.1 gambler for about two years. And when Sungyeol hunts down for the fellow, the man absconds leaving a letter to have his Niece Park Seoyun in exchange for the unpaid loan amount that he owes to Sungyeol.

And thus Sungyeol decides to trace the girl named Park Seoyun to make her repay her uncle's loan. But that was until he found that girl to be the one who already shared a past with him. He decides to play with that quiet and calm girl without knowing the fact that she has changed into an Arrogant beauty just like him with a Mystery chasing her. The fate also plays it's magical role in his life by making him fall for her Cocky personality while he tries to unveil the mystery that's been chasing her.

How will the cocky couple manage to fall in love with each other when the saying goes as same poles repel? 

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