The Dragon Queen

The Dragon Queen

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♢♢Second book out♢♢

♡♡Fairy Tail x Reader♡♡

The world is filled with magic of different kinds. From creating mass illusions to killing everything in sight.

Our story will circle around one kingdom. The Kingdom of Fiore. It's not the wizards or the strange creatures that people focus. They would've, but things are different.

The shadows whisper, the sky has gone gloom, nature has grown cold. This sudden change. And like I said, it was only for a moment, nothing bad has come out of it, but the strange conditions alerted a few people.

A few who were there years ago.

One of them were anxious.

Another started preparing.

Another started to wait.

One set out to find the person responsible, for they knew who it was.

And one, was both happy and worried. Happy that their old friend was back, but worried that maybe they weren't the same.

It has happened before. They were back but wasn't the same. The person they knew was gone, they bring only darkness every where they go. Will it happen again?

He's gonna have to wait and see, till their paths cross

Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima. But the oc's belong to me.