Smile, nod, and follow. That's slightly most of Elea's life living in the shadow of her beautiful best friend Marilyn--naturally second place to this first place kind of girl. When she meets Liam, the tall, sweet smelling, not to mention good-looking guy Marylin is friends with things might look up. Or not. 
    Through time and distance, Elea will finally find herself and maybe even have her own happily ever after.
I like her already, a nice refreshing change from the usual 'I'm gonna sabotage all your happiness' girl
                                    but man the feels on chapter one
this is like my third time reading this book and i still get moved by all of this, such amazing writing
this book just started and it feels like I jumped into a sea of emotions
I could never do that. See a person that you are in love with on their wedding day and you are not the bride 
                                    That must be heart breaking
I dont like martrys but this girl made such a beautiful and meaningful confession
:( Oh my... She is the strongest person in the world... I already love her.