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My Poems among Other Things

My Poems among Other Things

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Krazy Krish ;) By krazy_kd Updated Aug 01, 2011

A collection of some of My Poems amongst Other Things... hence why it's called that. This is completely for fun and for anyone willing to read it, whether because they love poetry, just wanna relax or etc. My Poems amongst Other Things will never end and my posts here will be varied. Depending on what I've got on offer, I'll always be posting here; and over time this might just be a collection of Random stuff I've collected over my time here in Wattpad. After all, anyone who knows me, knows I'm all in for the randomness.

*Update* This is a collection of some of my earlier sappy poetry work when I was younger. Looking back at them now, they make me laugh and cringe, but I'm not taking them down. Hope you like them still anyhow.

krazy_kd krazy_kd Dec 07, 2011
@HypocryticalGurl Nawww... You make my heart go Boom! Boom! <--I don't know why I said that xD ahhaha but thank you very much lovely!(; I appreciate it! And feel your love! Naww :') me like chu xD <3 ta luv!
krazy_kd krazy_kd Dec 06, 2011
@Nyirism @xNavande7x 
                              Naahhwww! Thank you so much guys! :') I really appreciate it! It's nothing really, my poems here are pretty gay but naww :') it genuinely still makes me feel really cool and proud and happy when people like you guys say you liked it etc :') lots of love or you guys! <3
krazy_kd krazy_kd Oct 12, 2011
@Silverdoze16 umm... heyhoo! :') thank you for stopping by and dropping your smiley! x) it's adorable! xD ahahha
krazy_kd krazy_kd Oct 02, 2011
@leannemarie Thank so much! :') That means a lot... And indeed! Writing is a gift :') There's so much freedom and so much you can write about! Hahha thank you again m'dear :') I appreciate it.
leannemarie leannemarie Oct 02, 2011
I really love this! For some reason I love reading poems about writing (: I have a poem about writing, myself. It's an amazing gift to have to be able to write with emotion. voted!
krazy_kd krazy_kd Aug 11, 2011
@BlueButterfly231 N'aahhww thanks hun! xD that was kinda the idea.... and OMG you've totally raped my notification :O I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for reading all this and shiz... it's all none sense but n'aahhww :') <3