Addictive (HELL Series #1) - COMING SOON

Addictive (HELL Series #1) - COMING SOON

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Cassie By FlamingLeeAndre Updated Aug 01, 2014

(Spin-off to Horny Dogs AKA Wolves.)

Becoming a Hunter was already hard enough for Rina Crawford—as rumor had it that trainees must experience death over a thousand times before they could take the final exam, and even then, only one out of a hundred of those trainees had the willpower to last that long to succeed.

Add in her newly assigned trainer—a vampire by the name of Zachariah Sykes—and Rina’s life as a Hunter trainee just got harder. Not only was he too mellow for his own good, but Zachariah didn’t even try to make it a secret that he was out for Rina’s Halfling blood.

How’s Rina going to survive as a trainee when the very person who’s supposed to be looking out for her says, “I want you covered in blood and tears.”

[A/N]: I will continue this story once I’ve finished and edited the rest of my stores on my profile.

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