Want You Back

Want You Back

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Allison By WritingGals Completed

A couple is called "high school sweethearts" for a reason, right? That's only how long a relationship lasts, up until high school. That's how it was for Charlotte Carson. She decided to move to the Big Apple  for college and pursue her dream of becoming a famous wedding planner. Well, she's working on her fame at least. 

Now almost seven years has passed and a medical emergency forces Charlotte to move back home to the west coast. While living once again in the town she grew up in, she meets old friends and an old flame: Ethan Welden. Will they be able to rekindle their old relationship even with obstacles thrown in their way or did the fire already long burn out?

[Highest Rankings: #137 in Teen Fiction; #664 in Romance]

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Ooh God I'm already crying with this 1 chapter, wonder the whole book?!!! :-O :'(
Am I the only one who is getting a Harry Styles vibe from this description??
knpnknpn knpnknpn Aug 03, 2016
Allison, who's we??You always refer to yourself as "we"................
fulloflife_wani fulloflife_wani Oct 10, 2016
U've got an hour and u still need someone to pick clothes for u??
Niallers_princexx Niallers_princexx Aug 17, 2015
I'm. Sorry but if I been dating a guy for that long he should be able to see me in my sweats and not give two flying monkeys
Akkoshaark17 Akkoshaark17 Jul 10, 2015
The feels... (FYI, I just started this and am totally loving this)