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Top Bunk

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A BUNCH OF STUFF ELIZABETH ("please for the love of god call me El") THROPP DOESN'T EXPECT:

1. Her mom signing her up to be a counselor at her old summer camp ("I don't care if it's for extra credit, mom!"). 

2. That children are this annoying ("no, you can't have another stupid cookie"). 

3. Sharing a cabin with Grace Upland ("who's like, a total bitch"). 

4. (Sure as hell) that she really doesn't mind it ("like, at all").

5. Something else, but that's for later.

[6. this story to be riddled with typos. seriously. it's blinding. read at ur own risk]

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idonthaveissues idonthaveissues Jun 18, 2016
This is so so so so good book!!! @ScarTheHuntress read m8 read
Janelybean Janelybean Nov 11, 2015
Aye me and my friend were singing hsm songs and throwback songs as well today
0420emilie 0420emilie Oct 13, 2015
Ohmigod you guys its El like Elle Woods anyone... Oh ok it's fine
publicwrongs publicwrongs Oct 05, 2015
Idina Menzel is the actual queen of Broadway I love her so much
randomlydancing randomlydancing Aug 12, 2015
Well, too bad, i shall call you  Elizabeth *evil laugh*  I am such a rebel... not really
cityscape cityscape May 23, 2015
oh god this is hilarious and intriguing at the same time (also i totally get elizabeth - i won't call her el - hatred of children)