The Water Witcher

The Water Witcher

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*Entered into the Wattys*

Corbin has been witching water since he was a young boy. It's a skill that his Grandfather taught him in order to survive living in a time of thirst. With the country not seeing a drop of rain in years, his Grandfather could foresee that having the skills to locate water sources buried deep in the ground would become more valuable than gold. He also taught him to never venture farther than their property. Because the world had become too dangerous with people fighting over water.

As an adult, however, Corbin finds himself alone. The home he once shared with his Grandfather feels more like an empty shell now that the man has gone to his resting place. Deciding to head for the road to visit a friend, Corbin sets out to wander what's practically become a wasteland. Except he soon discovers that since his last adventure north, Water Witchers are being captured and sold to high bidders by a group called The Hounds. 

With Corbin's friend Coyote living up north, a few states away, Corbin will have to figure out how to get there safely, but it won't be easy with danger at every turn.

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