My Online Crush

My Online Crush

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Give it a chance, I'm sure you'll like it and it gets better, I promise.

"Are y-you BadGuy11?" It can't be him, I know. 
  "Yes, Kat," he said, "it's been me."
  "All the time?" 
  "All the time," he smiled.
  It can't be. How can he be my BadGuy11? It's-it's just so unexpected. What? 
  "How?" I asked, bemused. 
  "It's a long story," he said. "Have a seat, we'll talk about it."
  Kat Andrews, a 17 year old "LOSER", was forced by friends to join a new social network site. When a stranger sends a friend request, she accepts it. She tells about the stranger to her folks. The popular boy, Aaron Simons hear about this and things get worse. Kat wants to meet this guy. Who is he? Where does he lives? Where is he from? All these questions are in her mind.
  Do you think she'll meet her online crush? (Of course she will, that's the whole story about.)

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The weird thing is, I have an online crush here on wattpad. I don't know him nor have ever seen him. *sighs*
Arataly Arataly May 24
This is amazing! And I also don't like history, it's my worst subject lol
It happens
                              When we talk to a stranger on social networking site.. 
                              It feels like there is a some invisible energy which is pulling us towards them.
                              Though it does not happen with all strangers.
                              Just the ones who will going to be an important part of our life.
daeity daeity Apr 13
Also. One of my friends are like this. But hey. Friends are friends xD
did anyone think of BlurryFace when she said blurry...or am i the only one..?
I only like certain parts of history. But when it gets to stuff like Tudors I tend to fall asleep