Witty Delirium™

Witty Delirium™

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Silz By Silmarilz1701 Updated 3 days ago

Maybe you're a fan of Well Written Insanity™ and/or Worthwhile Lunacy™? 

If so, welcome back to the third book in this riveting saga of rants, self promotion, karaoke, daily reflections, health updates, awareness posts, and overall randomness...

If not, let me introduce myself. 

I'm Silz.

I'm an Author. I'm a Blogger. I'm a Podcaster. 

I'm 21 years young, living my life the way it needs to be lived. Lovin' others while learning to love myself.

I'm a Fangirl Extraordinaire.

Julianne's the name, writing's the game.

Hope you come along for the ride.


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