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When Chriselda stumbles upon the land of the Dawnfall Depths Pack to save her friend, she comes across her mate.

She thought that he will run towards her, hold her in his arms and kiss her passionately.

But none of these things happen.

Her mate doesn't run towards her neither holds her in his arms and neither kisses her passionately.

Instead of a loving mate, she finds a cold-hearted Alpha standing in front of her.

And they always say that there's a story behind every cold Alpha.

[NOTE : Not a Rejection Story.
I believe that rejections don't exist in the werewolf world. If rejection existed, then werewolves wouldn't be having mates. I really find the idea of rejecting your mate absurd because mates are supposed to be the one for you, the one you cannot live without and the one who is supposed to be your soul mate.

So, don't take this story as another rejection story. Also, I'm working really hard to make this story as non-cliché as possible. If you're bored of the cliché werewolf stories and want to read something unique, then you've selected the right book to read.

I hope you'll enjoy reading this story.]

lioness_in_love lioness_in_love Nov 10, 2016
Hello dear!
                              Just for your words in discription that I don't feel while reading like I am reading some warewolf clìche story.
                              As I am hell bored by all of the same..
NubiaRoblesQuintero NubiaRoblesQuintero Aug 15, 2016
Publicar en español porfi  aunque el titulo esta interesante como lo vamos a leer gracias
namelessrommy namelessrommy Jul 15, 2016
Soy la única chica que habla español acá ? Si es así me voy a sentir rara
                              ARRIBA LAS LATINAS!! WOOO y las españolas claro
ImYours1901 ImYours1901 Jun 18, 2016
Your comment about this not being another cliched werewolf book is the only reason I'm reading it. X
EmoIsMyMiddleName EmoIsMyMiddleName Dec 18, 2016
Roses are red
                              Violets are Prickly
                              Lemme just say,
                              'That escalated quickly!'
ninysavanna123 ninysavanna123 Dec 13, 2016
Ok 1+ point to you for have a pack name with out the words * moon*red*stone *