Secretly Abused

Secretly Abused

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belieber4ever6 By belieber4ever6 Updated May 28, 2016


Pattie:Hey justin quit taking a nap come on and meet my boyfriend for once. 

Justin:(Wakes up)Ah mom I talked to him on the phone once and he sounds like a hater of mine. 

Pattie:Come on baby you haven't met him yet. (Pulls Justin up gently) 

Justin:Alright I'm going. 


Pattie:This is my boyfriend Jason. 

Justin:Hi Jason. (Shakes hands with Jason) 

Jason:Hey (Wipes off his hand on his pants) 



Justin:I'm Justin nice to meet you Jason. 

Jason:Yeah I know that your that pop star...I mean your that cute pop star. (Pats Justin's head like a dog) 

Justin:Aye watch my hair bro. 

Pattie:Justin! He's just trying to show you some love! 


Pattie:Why don't you two go out for a walk just the two of you to get to know each other more?

Jason:Sounds great I'd love to know more about this cutie boy of yours! 

Pattie:Aw Jason thanks for being so nice to my son. 

Jason:If I wanna be with you forever I gotta love your son ...

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