"Bullying" The Nerd

"Bullying" The Nerd

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4everAl0n3 By 4everAl0n3 Updated Jan 02

Cherrie is a nerd who likes reading books and studying. She would have never expected to be targeted by a jock who plays around with bimbos, Trent.

One day, Cherrie was walking to the library when she made eye contact with Trent who was making out with a blonde bimbo. 

Just because of one eye contact, Trent suddenly got an interest towards Cherrie.

Unfortunately for Cherrie, Trent liked bullying little girls.

What will happen to Cherrie from then on?
What will Trent do to her?


If you don't like kinky stuff or abuse or rape or anything that contains sexual activity, PLEASE DO NOT READ. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For those of you who didn't know people with blue eyes are physically stronger
I would launch myself to mars if a guy did that to meh, i am literally THE most awkward persone EVER
voidlessvoid voidlessvoid Apr 11, 2016
wow first chap and it's already making me interested. good work author
DestinySamuel DestinySamuel May 20, 2016
He kissed her head? 😂😂. If I were her, I'd be like, "Um, sir... Sou know you? Don't touch me."
I'd be like 'okay, this is very weird and kinda awkward. Oh, well, ya look at the time! I've gotta go!' 😳😅