Bukowski's Broken Family Band

Bukowski's Broken Family Band

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A.W. Glen By awglen Updated 2 days ago

Paranormal horror-comedy with heart. 

Manic rock musician Jaymie Brzezinski claims to have been born at the moment of Charles Bukowski's death. Now the mad poet-incarnate fronts a band made up of his panic-prone twin, wise-beyond-their-years younger sibling, and a formidable but mostly stoned guitar goddess. When a murder at a house concert sets in motion a series of strange and inexplicable events, the Bukowski Brothers find that they have more to worry about than just getting through the set list.

Like the X-Files meets Scott Pilgrim in the Scooby Squad's van. Updates on Fridays.

Note: Contains some foul language and reflects some poor lifestyle choices.