Spies & Spice ✔️

Spies & Spice ✔️

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Sesi By its_Sesi Completed

He was known only by his codename Victor.
Fear was his weapon and anonymity his asset..

His junior officers whispered tales of his ruthless and daring heroics while his seniors put up with his unconventional and often barbaric tactics, only because all his missions were successful.
Always... Until he went in a loneman mission, which turned out to be the biggest challenge of his career. 

A casual hunch, that his trained instincts found hard to ignore, led him to unravel a huge operation whose tentacles spread from Afghanistan to Delhi, Mumbai to Kerala. 

And then came the gruesome murder of his boss and mentor, Intelligence Bureau Chief J.P.Nanda.

He was unstoppable now, hell bent on rooting out the culprits behind this dark world, in spite of facing several dead ends, caught in a maze of deceit, betrayal and never ending danger.

In the midst of it all was an innocent girl, caught between these two extreme and dangerous worlds.

Meanwhile, near the south coast of Goa, the fishermen noticed two bodies that floated ashore to their village. One was their fellow villager and the other unknown...

It was not an unusual sight for them, as the neighborhood in the north was filled with Drug Lords. They informed the relevant people and began the funeral arrangements.

Completed : 18 November 2019