Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (A Gods & Monsters Novel) Rewritten

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (A Gods & Monsters Novel) Rewritten

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Janie Marie By janie1617 Updated a day ago

Being secretly in love with the most popular boy is a common occurrence for many seventeen year old girls. For Kylie Hood, the most unnoticeable girl at Blackwoods High School, dreaming of Trevor Grimm is a fantasy to help her escape her own cruel reality.

So, when he asks for Kylie's help with a school project, sparks should fly and they'll fall madly in love, right?

Not in this fairy tale.

This isn't a story where the loner girl and popular boy fall in love after a school project unites them-not even close. This is a story about first loves and first kisses. A story where mistakes are made and lessons are learned the hard way. A tale of broken friendships attempting to mend, damaged souls fighting to heal, and all the while Death is reaching for your shoulder. 

Getting mixed up with her dream boy is only the beginning. Meeting sexy man-boys is not as fun as it might seem. Blackwoods is full of deadly secrets and even deadlier residents, and they say the wolves are everywhere. She's about to fall down the rabbit hole, and it's not going to be pretty. It's to be a brutal descent into womanhood, discovering oneself, and dark, hidden truths will be revealed by the most unforgiving of bad boys. 

Beware-these delicious boys are not dreamy fantasies. No one is who they seem because here, fairy tales are more than bedtime stories. Be ready for talking wolves, dangerous hunters-gods & monsters-who all howl at the Little Moon. 

Kylie Hood is but a part of this story. Because this story is what really happened when the girl under the red hood met the big bad wolf.
*Stand-alone "coming of age, dark fairytale" novel in The Gods & Monsters Saga, but intended to be read after the G&M trilogy by Janie Marie. Link in bio.
**16+ only. This is not an easy read. Story contains  sexual content, strong language, rape, murder, HIGHLY emotional material, panic attacks can trigger distress, mental health disorders. Sex scenes will be censored for the wattpad edition.

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kayxcxxo kayxcxxo 2 days ago
beauty is pain, beauty is pain...i just have to remember that one little tidbit when i’m reading
Bascrexia Bascrexia Jan 15
I'm so happy and proud of how far you and this book have come. i've been around for all the rewrites and can honestly say this is one of my favorite stories every time.
Bascrexia Bascrexia Jan 15
I love that adorable hoe and anyone who doesn't can fight me, or Ryder... But he's scary so I'd be the best bet since I'm small and non-threatening.
Bascrexia Bascrexia Jan 15
Still saying... If this becomes a movie Chloe Moretz would be a great Kylie.
Is the published version already out or is it coming after you rewrite it on Wattpad?
kayxcxxo kayxcxxo 2 days ago
after gods & monsters, i want to say i’m prepared but definitely not