You Make Me Sick - Lashton Hemwin MPreg

You Make Me Sick - Lashton Hemwin MPreg

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♛ callahan♛ By Dejected_Iero Updated Jan 06

❝You make me sick. Just go away.❞  

Or; the one where Luke and Ashton despise each other to a significant extent, so what happens when they both get trapped inside of an empty school library due to the severe weather stirring outside? Is there really anything else to do but have angry sex with your worst enemy?  


Lyrics and story title taken from; 'You Make Me Sick' by Of Mice & Men.

jesserutherfrd jesserutherfrd Sep 21, 2016
Lashton, Larry, Malum and Jalex? Are you trying to kill me??
LashtonsCxndxm LashtonsCxndxm Apr 13, 2016
went to pre school is that okay? no jk I'm scared of reading this sometimes I cant read books bc they scare me in some subjects (trigger warning and stuff) BUT IM 16 AND IM CLEAN FOR ABOUT 1 YEAR sO MAMA BE PROUD
-thewaitingroom -thewaitingroom Jul 27, 2016
i have this unexplainable love for punk!luke hating smol ash assjdhsje
hemwin1994 hemwin1994 Nov 23, 2016
I've known about like evryhthing since I was like 4.. Walking in on your parents ruins everything and growing up with my cousons is like.. It's supriaing if we aren't dirty-minded..
CliffosaurusRex CliffosaurusRex Jun 10, 2015
I saw the trailer for this on YouTube and I'm so excited for it
Juliet_Novak_ Juliet_Novak_ Apr 02, 2015
I got cramps and I now I am mouthing:You make me sick.Urggh! Girl problems here.