Little Sister Song (Wynter Wild #1)

Little Sister Song (Wynter Wild #1)

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A girl from nowhere learns from her three older brothers about life, love, and letting go. Also, rock music and bacon! 

Wynter has spent her entire young life behind a chain-link fence in the middle of the Arizona desert. Her search for love starts the day she escapes on a bus with nothing but an address and her sister's instructions to forget the past and embrace the world outside.

Knocking on the door of an unassuming house in Seattle, she is welcomed by her true family--three older brothers who never knew she existed--in a place where they have pancakes for breakfast and make rock music in the basement. A place Wynter wants to call home. They all share the same pain: their mother's abandonment years earlier. And they all share a bond to ease that pain: music.

But Wynter quickly learns there are no happy endings. Her adult siblings have problems of their own. Will she be able to stay long enough to taste her first tangerine, learn the blues turnaround, and put the family back together?

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CONTENT WARNINGS: The series as a whole (meaning not all warnings apply to all books, in order to avoid spoilers) includes or refers to: child abuse, premature death, drug use and abuse, animal cruelty, not-very-graphic sex and violence, mental health issues, and adult relationships. Wynter does not have sexual abuse/assault in her past or her future.