War Robots: Season Two

War Robots: Season Two

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Brennan Smith By SmittyBS Updated Feb 03


The Great Iron War still rages. Jackson Quinn has failed. The malignant TMC is hurting and they want to ensure that Quinn and his allies go down with it.

The year is 2042. 

Separated from their alliance, stranded far from home and on the run from the malevolent forces of corruption, Jackson Quinn and his allies will have to face a terrible truth. 

The war isn't over.

One last desperate shot is all they have to finish what they started. Their goal? End the Iron War, no matter the cost, no matter the winner. But will they be heroes for doing so, or will they become something much worse?

Choose your side, ready your weapons and enter battle in the explosive sequel based on the mobile game War Robots, a game with more story potential than any I've ever seen. No art is mine. Enjoy.

Please note: I am (currently) unaffiliated with Pixonic or any company of any kind. All robots and locations were created by Pixonic, all characters are of my own creation.

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