2 | Janus

2 | Janus

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heather By hcwilhelm Updated Dec 03, 2019


When the war reaches Earth, Ava believes there are only two options left: save the planet or watch it burn. But what if, there is a third?


Unable to cope with Marc's death, Ava throws herself into work and searches for a way to save the planet. Yet as Primordial breaks down the UFE's last lines of defense, Ava fears she's running out of time.

When Darious is tasked to train their new princess, he never imagined how much of a handful Ava would be. Yet as Mika falls into a deep slumber, he's forced to teach Ava the very thing he fears--how to tame her Doku abilities. 

As Primordial draws close and Mika grows weaker, Ava and Darious push their differences aside and venture further into the rabbit hole in search of answers. What they find is a world full of nightmares, two-faced gods, ash sand that seals your eyes, and a war set on a stage full of chaos and surprise.

Science Fantasy || Action || Romance