No Matter What

No Matter What

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Nicholas Rockwell is a social outcast. Akward, friendless, rejected, until a young woman, Ashly Johnson, comes into the picture and shows that she cares so much about him...maybe a little bit too much...

Once the two come together, their unstoppable, untouchable, unbeatable, except for one tiny little problem.

Ashly is absolutly obbssesed with Nicky and will go to any legnths to prove their love, whether Nicky loves her or not. In the end, though, he'll have to choose: pretend to love Ashly or risk getting everyone killed.

Ashly does not want the fake love, however. She wants true love that only Nicky can give her. Will he? Or will he be playing house with her forever?

All property of No Matter What is mine. Some charecter's, apperances, locations, situatoins, etc. are based off of other works and I give partial credit to them. Without them, some of these asspects would not be possible.

Cover by Akirai_likes_yaoi

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